Several Tips on How to Win Baccarat for Sure

How to Win Baccarat for Sure

There is nothing sure in life let alone in gambling. However, we will offer you some tips to help you start winning in Baccarat more often.

Win at Baccarat Anytime

Let’s face it, a lot of people out there offer proven strategies, or plans, that will (presumably) help you win at any casino game. However, the only thing you can be totally sure of is that, in the end, the house always wins, and that casinos will always keep an edge over the gamblers.

Now, although I cannot offer you any magical strategies that will help you win at Baccarat table (all the time), you shouldn’t give up on the idea, and throw in the towel, just yet. I can offer you some advice on how to improve your game and maybe get an edge over the house after some time.

Since Baccarat isn’t a game where players have considerable impact over the course of the game, it is pretty hard to apply different strategies. For example, card counting to predict what card will hit the table next.

Don’t Count on Card Counting in Baccarat

Some people took this issue seriously and tried to prove that you can gain a considerable advantage in the game when you apply the card counting strategy. However, the father of card counting Edward E.Thorp claims that learning and applying complex methods of counting cards in Baccarat would be futile in the long run. It won’t get you considerable profit while you would have to play a massive number of hands just to get a minimal edge over the house.

Reasons for this are clear, there are no cards that specifically go in favor of either the Player or the Banker. Secondly, the player does not influence the game because the dealer makes all the moves following the strict drawing rules.

This should convince you to drop the idea that counting cards in Baccarat will make you an ultimate winner at this casino game.

Keeping Track of Winning Hands

There is another Baccarat strategy many players use, hoping they would be able to predict what option will win the following round. Namely, keeping track of the winning hands during the game. This is totally legit, and every player gets a piece of paper so that they can record the outcomes of the hands in the game and try to guess what betting option will win next.

People have devised different systems of keeping track of these winning hands in the game, but in my opinion, these systems are pretty confusing. It would take you quite some time to master them before you could successfully use them in a game of Baccarat.

There has to be a better way of getting that winning streak rolling than this.

Edge Sorting is Never a Good Idea

Edge sorting is an illegal method that can ensure you quite a few wins in numerous card games, including Baccarat. You have to radiate confidence and keep it cool while you’re at the table to pull this one off. In short, edge sorting involves predicting which cards will leave the shoe next, based on the small flaws on their backs.

There is an infamous story about edge sorting and the legendary Phil Ivey, who allegedly “robbed” the casino for $20 million by using this method. He had the help of another experienced and crafty baccarat player, but still, the casino saw through their scam and refused to pay out their winnings in the end.

So, the moral of this story is: even though the idea of tricking the casino for money and getting away with it sounds amazing — don’t do it. If a gambling superstar like Phil Ivey got caught in the end, what makes you think you would actually get away with it?

Now let’s take a look at some other legit Baccarat tips you can follow to start winning at Baccarat tables in both online and land-based casinos.

 Banker or a Player

Always Bet on a Banker or a Player

If you have any sense in you, you’ll follow this tip in particular. The reasons for choosing the Banker bet are quite simple:

  • The Banker bet wins the game most frequently
  • The house edge on this betting option is little over 1%, which is extremely favorable for gamblers.
  • However, most casinos will take a 5% cut in case the Banker wins. The payout for this betting option is 1:1, which means that every time you invest $100 on the Banker and win, you can expect to get another $100 on top of your bet, but when the casino takes its share you will actually get $95.
  • This info shouldn’t deter you from betting on the Banker whenever you can, as this is a solid way to start a winning streak.

Stay Away from the Tie Bet

The Tie bet option is a decoy for Baccarat newbies to leave all of their money in the casino.

This bet offers an amazing 8:1 payout, but the house edge here is a soaring 15%. Meaning, you will be ripped off once you land a win, and that doesn’t happen too often for the Tie bet. The promising reward the Tie bet offers only means that this option is highly unlikely to win often.

So don’t play like a rookie and leave the Tie bet for gullible beginners.

Make Yourself Leave while You are Winning

I know this advice sounds insane, but as I’ve already said, the outcome of a Baccarat game depends only on luck. So when you are flying high on the wings of Victory, try to remember that all good things have to end eventually.

If you won 20 out of 25 previous hands maybe it is time to take your money and leave. You need a strong will and a clear head to stop while you’re winning, otherwise, you can end up empty-handed once the tables turn.

Some Tips on Playing Online Baccarat

Numerous online casinos offer generous bonuses to new players. This has become common practice in online gambling, so you will see these amazing offers at almost every other gambling site you visit.

Be extremely cautious and read the terms and conditions before you click the welcome bonus to claim it. Even though they may seem irresistible at first sight, there may be a ridiculous wagering requirement attached to it, like a 50x bonus amount. Simply put, if the welcome bonus is $100, you will need to play through $5000 to claim it. It sounds like a rip off right?

To sum this up. Even though you are not a high roller and you don’t rule the Baccarat table like James Bond, you can still experience winning streaks that will fill your pockets. Just follow these simple tips, stay cool and play Baccarat to win.

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